Contraception Includes All Measures Temporary or Permanent To Prevent Pregnancy

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  • You do not want you or your partner to crash while driving; be over heard by the boss while at work; or even wander off into traffic or into some dark and dangerous alley because you are not looking where you are going. Make sure all parties are safe before you start.

    While most lubricants are designed to work well with delicate skin, they really shouldn't stay in place for hours and hours at a time. Some products can be sticky and tacky, for example, and they can adhere to clothing and make a man's profile a bit more revealing than he might like. Some products can also be irritating to delicate skin. A quick wash up after sex can help men to remove any product that's no longer needed, preventing these problems altogether.

    5. Syphilis is caused by a bacterium which you can get by having sex with someone who is infected. The major symptoms of syphilis 1-2 weeks after infection are painless sore on or near the vagina or penis. Symptoms of syphilis 2-6 weeks after infection are rash on the body and flu (headache, sore throat, fever). There are few rare cases, and appears years after infection. There is a permanent damage to the heart, brain and other organs in this case.

    A dry penis can be itchy, flaky, uncomfortable and unattractive, and when ordinary skin lotions and moisturizers don’t seem to help, it can be hard to know what to do next. In fact, dry penis skin is often the result of personal habits or external factors that affect the body’s level of hydration or sap the penile skin of its natural oils.

    Contraception is a highly importantpart of a relationship, and unless you want an unplanned pregnancy, or want to open yourself up to all kinds of unpleasant potential diseases, it's paramount that you look into your options and that you make an informed decision with regards to this aspect of your health.

    Genital warts is also a virus caused STD, the human papillomavirus (HPV). It's another STD that has fast become very common in society today. Often going undetected; displaying no signs or symptoms. When symptoms are evident, they usually appear in the form of small bumps in and around the genital area. When the bumps are clustered, they're described as looking like cauliflower. They can be itchy and uncomfortable and can cause bleeding during intercourse. They can develop in the mouth and throat when oral sex is had with an infected partner.

    First off, you should always practice safe sex. Since the genital warts virus is most commonly spread through sexual contact, you should take the necessary precautions such as using a condom. Regardless of whether you engage in vaginal penetration sex, oral sex or anal sex, make sure to avoid any sexual activity if you currently have fresh lesion. This way, you'll be able to decrease your chances of worsening your condition and spreading it to others by a staggering 90%.